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There’s hope for brown thumbs! I love my indoor plants from fiddle leaf figs, to peace lily to lady palm. Green thumb now since noticing that my plants turned greener once being watered with 'old' water - water sitting around for more than a day. Not sure why! Then I discovered - TroForte fertiliser which creates living organisms in the soil.
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I have a lot of indoor plants and generally they live for years inside. I love them, nurture them, talk to them occasionally, feed them and my biggest tip - don’t water them too much. I manage to keep my African violets flowering for months by only giving them the tiniest bit of water once a week ( and I live in hot Qld ), I have had a Raphis Palm flourishing inside for 6 years, fiddle leaf figs, wandering Iris, palms, rubberplants etc.. my house is starting to look like a green house
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Toniamp, the reason your plants thrive with "old" water is because there is chlorine in the water (added for safety). If you let water sit for several hours the chlorine will naturally dissipate. Or you can add a drop of Declor. It's what people do who have fish when they change the water.


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