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@atcomas - my kitchen is U shaped so, yes, there are joins in the benchtop but they are not obvious. The splashback is 3490mm and is just the one piece.

@Barbara - so long as you are happy with your design and it works for you nothing else matters. Did you go for the slightly lower benchtop? I remember that you were considering it.

We were going to have a gas cooktop but after talking with parents decided on induction, and we love it.

Step 6 - I believe our kitchen covers this well - pantry and fridge on one side with cooktop and oven opposite. No bumping into each other.

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There are a couple of engineered stone brands that go to 3.2m if you need that little bit of extra length - Trendstone & Silestone are 2 of these.

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Anne Ellard Design

Yes @kerrymichellemurphy is absolutely correct. Silestone do some longer slabs in some great colours. And if you have a really big space and are concerned about joins then a solid surface such as Corian or Staron would be worth taking a look at. Generally more expensive than engineered stone but the joins are invisible :o)


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