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I like my shoe cupboard to be separated from my clothes as I don't like the idea of hanging my clothes in a shoe cupboard. I use a shallow chest of drawers for them.

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Sangeerthana B
Diy shelves
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Webado Webada

I have a couple of white Ikea bookshelves which I might want to insert into a walk-in closet. Actually we have 2 small walk-in closets in our master bedroom. The hanging rods are on both sides of the closets so the far wall can hold a bookshelf. But in my walk-in closet I have already laid a shelf across the far wall, resting on the shelves over the hanging rods. This doesn't leave enough height for the bookshelf I want to put in. Ì added a short tower of wire cubes (which are a real PITA to install and keep from collapsing) for shoe and purse storage. Need to rethink this setup. I do declutter my closet regularly (meaning I get rid of clothes and shoes that don't fit) but still could do with more decluttering. I just reorganized sweaters and summer tops and the conclusion is that I have way too many of them LOL But I still need to decide which bring joy and which bring boredom.

Ì can still add a bookshelf in my husband's walk-in closet though. On it, but right after I declutter his clothing which spans decades and several sizes. He's thinner now due to health issues (under control,mercifully) and he also doesn't need as many suits and blazers as when he used to go to work. I have to get rid of some of his old old shoes too, let him wear the new ones I've been buying for years and he didn't even wear them once. I urge him to wear a new pair if we get dressed up to go out and he marvels at where that came from. In the closet of course, right in front of his eyes actually but he's blind to everything he's not familiar with. I know he's even got pants and shirts with tags still on. The question is would they still fit.....

Yep, got a job there. I have to be quick and discreet about it because he doesn't like to throw anything away while at the same time complaining that most clothes are too big. Go figure ...


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