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Those labelled weekday drawers for the twin girls - I want them just for me. I still think that's one of the most practical organising ideas I have seen anywhere, anytime . . . wardrobe designers and interior designers please take note! (In fact, I could even incorporate that system in the kitchen - if I had a pantry, maybe a stack of five or six shelves labelled, and just slot the weekly shopping onto the shelf in line with the planned menus, so that on Tuesday, I'm not hunting in the back of the cupboard for kidney beans or anchovies . . . Could even apply it to my work desk! It's just a stroke of genius.

And I'm glad that Houzz agrees that blue for boys/pink for girls is a thing of the past.

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Does anyone else hate the word "Scheme" & the connotations there-in ?

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Tiny Little Pads

This article is like music to my ears! This is the ONE thing that I, as a Children's Interior Designer, cannot stress enough. I always design my nurseries with the toddler and big kid transitions in mind! My #1 advice to parents doing design on their own.


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