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Oz Air and Electrical

Hello Grace...!!Great to see your interesting guide.. I would definitely recommend this to my friend who is looking for the air conditioning installation ideas from last few days.

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Derek Lotts

Amazing article/guide, so informative, I really enjoyed reading it. I did some remodeling in my house recently and I wanted a room filled with fresh air. The open-floor concept was a possible solution but since I couldn't change the floor plan, I installed a ceiling fan and got professional help from Sydney air conditioning experts with the placement and installation of the AC.

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Rachel Alexander

Great advice thanks, Grace!

Especially agree with the point on rationalizing the cost over the life of the air conditioning system. I'm renovating a character home at the moment and wanting to keep the ongoing heating/cooling costs within reason!

I also found this heat pump calculator from Kenzie Air really helpful as it gave me a personalized recommendation based on my home & heating needs.


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