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Bensons Locksmiths

I like this article. Very informational.

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Hi Maudiej ....didn't see you there last time...sorry. Yes I agree..GRAVEL is a good burglar alarm..and a 75kg Nepolitain Mastiff galloping up the drive is also a good deterrent. Hed let them in...if they were game, but then they'd be standing there all day or night until somebody came. Something to be said for a couple of very posssive Siamese cats too. Its horrible having your things taken and worse when stupid patronisers wanting to seem big say idiotic things that, I bet, they would not be saying if it were their stuff.

To Wuff I like my stuff too and completely concur with your sentiments.

It would be nice not to have to feel bitter about these things but I'm as human as the next person and salute your right to your feelings on this issue. I've not been burgled...I think it would be pretty difficult even though I don't have modern security devices but evn when somebody 'diddles' me I hate the bitter feling in my belly. I locked myself out last blowed if I could break in! Now I have a key safe with a combination. Wonder how strong that is sometimes and think theives know all these tricks.

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I was staying at a relative's house and our car which was parked on the driveway was broken into at about 3:00 am. The next morning we went to go get its WOF and it wasn't there. We went to the police and there was this man who told us a story...

His grandmother was watching TV and had fallen asleep. Someone came into their house and nicked that TV while it was still on. So his grandmother woke up and the TV had gone.

The thing is that the thieves always wait till you replace everything and they take it right back.

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