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Coral Lake

We have opted for a flushmount sink in our new kitchen. Yes, we paid a premium but it seems to be the best of both worlds. It's flat so you can wipe spills and crumbs straight into the sink and the edges of the stone are protected. No hidden spots for mould either.

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If I was building my dream kitchen, I'd have a HUGE sink. It would have to be custom made, I think, I'm yet to find a sink (including my laundry sink) large enough to wash stock pots and oven trays comfortably. I once saw on a TV show a large sink that had a sliding top, so that the space taken up could be reclaimed, when not in use. If I remember rightly, the sink also had a way of being sectioned, so that a small part could be left open for everyday use.

Have to say, glad I've read this article. I have always dreamed of getting a Acrylic benchtop/sink, but didn't know about the problem with hot water

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Stainless steal butlers sink is my idea of a good sink. Ergonomic, no risk of chipping or noisy, I would dearly like to have it integrated into a stainless steal bench top adds practical to the list


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