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Kim Westwood

My husband is always telling me I have too many cushions on the bed. Along with 2 european pillows I have usually 3 other contrasting cushions. Thats not too many. I love cushions

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@KIm Westwood,

Can't live with them and can't live without them, husbands that it ha-ha

My hubby takes great delight in tossing the euros and anything else decorative on the bed off onto my side of the floor and I simply pick them up and arrange them neatly as I would usually do if I get to the bedroom first.

We make light of it and have a laugh about it and often joke with friends if someone was to say how nice the bed looks he would carry on about all the cushions and pillows and we all have another big laugh!!

I have 3 euros, three sleeping pillows and two decorative pillows and then sometimes an odd cushion so that's only 8 or 9 double what you have so tell you husband he's fortunate he doesn't live here ha-ha

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cushions on sofas


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