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Alexandra C

Please can anybody help me to find these tiles? We are in desperate need to have them as we will be mosaic tiling our walk in shower floor...

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All great ideas but the moment I see subway tiles no matter how exquisitely shaped the bathtub or how creative the tiles' use....I'm turned off. I just seriously dislike subways and nothing will shift this dislike. Of course its psychological...back to the poverty days of post WW11, and I think its justified since subways are just a re-hash of times ago and today there are so many creative, exquisite tiles to choose from If I really had to work with a bathroom wall cladding that harked beak to the 1940's I'd much rather have the walls clad with pressed tin...some of the new patterns are beautiful and....for me...they don't have any 'poverty' connotations. My old 1924 bath tub and the walls behind it are lined with original pressed tin...and if I had to choose, subways would be the last on my list for retro look

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Collaborative Interiors

I'm obsessed with the "herringbone" pattern at the moment and feel that it is classic that won't date, the pattern adds a little pizzaz in an otherwise plain tile. Used a timber look tile recently in a bathroom on the floor and followed it up the back wall. Tiles from Di Lorenzo

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