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Alberta Pelletti
Quite a few years back we moved to Italy to be near my family,we had a small hotel just across the beach,a beautiful old villa .To cut a long story short,after a successful summer season,we started regretting the move as the relation with my family had turned sour.It was a winter day,the hotel was closed for the public,I was alone in the kitchen washing the pots I had used the previous night ,I was very miserable about the whole situation and I was crying.As I was rinsing a big pot under the tap,I noticed a big capital letter appearing at the bottom...perfect and shining....then another and another and another until it formed the word “RIDI which in Italian means SMILE.It stayed there for a while. Then as it formed so it disappeared...slowly one letter after the other.
After so many years it is still imprinted in my mind....and yes since then I believe in the afterlife and the supernatural.
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Adrian Ireland

I had been living in New Zealand for 13 years, when I got the chance to go back to UK to see my family, a friend came along with me, so two excited young women flew out to travel and sight see.

We went to stay with family friend's in Norfolk, the story goes in the early 50's three brothers bought a 15th century manor house and converted it into 3 3 bedroom apartments leaving the large house scullery kitchen as a meeting, eating room if the whole family wanted to all get together. Anyway we were booked in for two nights and was told on arrival that they were sorry but old friends were staying in the flat would we mind sleeping in the attic bedrooms, . We were told it was the original house chapel where the priest came to take a Sunday service just for the family by walking up the turret stairs where at the top a wooden opened into a half walled room. so he put on his robes then walked around the curved wall and took the service.

What is now a bathroom was the confessional, that made us smile. Well the beds were comfy the windows were open and we had a mild summer night. I was just dropping off to sleep when I thought my friend was shaking my shoulder to wake me up, but as I turned over to see why there was no one there and she was still fast asleep in her bed, the reason I could see was big moon and British summertime, I quickly turned over pulled the covers over my head and prayed the Lords prayer, well that did not bother who ever it was because I felt a hand on my hip and another on my shoulder giving me a really good shake to wake up.

I screamed woke my friend and proceeded to tell her what had just happened. We both vowed we would not turn out our bedside lights but eventually went back to sleep. We told the house owner the next day and said hmmm that explains why the children do not like playing up there.

Well the next night I am happy to say we slept in the apartment and did not have any more problems. Until the following night right across the other side of the country in Cotswold's we booked into farm B and B and after a nice meal in a local pub and a chat with our house owners we went to bed.

I was just dropping off to sleep and I was shaken again by the shoulder, so I got upset but kept quiet, and whispering told that what ever it was that it was not welcome on holiday with us and it had better go back from where it came from, I felt a gust of wind across my face an have slept well ever since. this is the wife of the sender Wendy Ireland

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Anatoly Patrick Architecture

It's the unexpected rats, possums and parrots that make me jump when I measure up an old house.


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