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Kerrie Chapman
Really like photos 1 and 3, however no. 5 reminds me too much of the sports building we had back in high school and I can't say Id really like that look in my house.
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Sandra Cook
I like the patterned walls with besser blocks it adds some interest.
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Kerry Belgrave.Hutchinson
I particularly like the decorative screens! The blocks have been used beautifully in these homes and actually has me reconsidering the humble old besser.
(Core filled) besser blocks are the material of choice for builders in Darwin (Australia). Everything is constructed from them, externally and internally. Even my kitchen island has a half-block wall! and while it's a solid, practical and cheap building material, especially in a cyclone prone area, it's not a product that lends itself to remodeling. Besser blocks are certainly not used creatively or aesthetically in our region. Any (& every) wall that you would like to remove or move is a massive undertaking. Consider the work needed to repair or change plumbing buried in a concrete slab, that's kind of what it's like, but for walls. Our house is around 12 years old & at construction was most definitely a budget cookie-cutter model. The builder slapped it up so fast they forgot to install a power outlet in the main bathroom (I don't know how we didn't notice that when we were buying it...). I got a quote from an electrician to have one installed and he kindly detailed the incredibly painful and expensive process that a core filled besser brick wall presented. I still don't have an outlet.
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