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Jilly Possum

Interesting shoe storage ideas in numbers 8 & 26. I also like number 10's take on individual wardrobes/dressing rooms.

But I really want to be 10 years old again, living with number 3 as my bedroom. At this age, my dad was designing a new house for us and I suggested something like this for myself, but money didn't stretch to such fancy things. I was just lucky to get my own bedroom (about 3 inches square, but still, all mine!)

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Thank you for this story! I am about to remove my old built in wardrobe with its 2 sliding doors, 1 hanging rail and a very awkward high shelf up behind the wall over the doors. The whole wall with the sliders will come out, replaced by full height doors enclosing designated hanging and shelves for clothes, shallow drawers for shoes, shelves and hooks for bags and luggage, space for storage bins of off season items. Joy, oh joy! I hadn't realised what a great wall of storage I could gain just by raising the height of the doors! What a difference this will make! And I'm having such fun selecting all the useful options there are for storage of trousers, scarves etc! All those items that hang over doors, backs of chairs, drape over the towel rack! I am looking forward to this change!

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So many great ideas and so much inspiration! - the greatest of all is perhaps that I need to have a serious clothes cull in order to attain such levels of organisation as in No. 1...
Nancy, your wardrobe predicament is exactly the same as mine and it’s encouraging to hear how you’re planning to overcome it - if you’ve any ‘after’ photos to share I’d be interested in seeing them here.

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