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Shirley Cecchetto
I use paper towels (handy ultra) to soak up excess and then toss in the bin. If it’s ‘clean’ enough, however, I strain and store in a jug and try and reuse.
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Useful info!

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Greenscape Gladstone

Not having any sewerage connection we have to be extremely careful about what goes down the sink. Our Earth Safe Waste System runs on bacteria so we are very mindful about no fats, milk, vinegar, wine, tea/coffee, - pretty much anything other than slightly dirty water! So, we have a spot in the garden that we pour pan fats etc into. The chooks take all our other plate scraps, and anything else left behind gets wiped off with paper towels and can go into the bin or the compost! We use only organic or non toxic soaps and health products. Moving away from the city makes you appreciative of the environment. How much toxic crap people put 'down the sink' just because it makes it 'disappear' - amazes me! It still has to be dealt with somewhere along the line.


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