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mandcsmamadee... Same! But I think what they mean here is not to DISPLAY our fab finds like they are for sale on the bargain table. I used to just line everything up, then my daughter got a job with a major dept store and learned the art of displays- the Rule of Three.

She rearranged everything in a very pleasing way by grouping the items. Always in odd numbers; 3 items here, 5 there, 1 here. And set in a cattywampus way- heights of the objects varied, as did dimension, depth, textures.

In the photo, I had all that stuff just equally fanned out. I love all those items I've collected over the years, but couldn't get it all to look right. Then my daughter grouped the bottles on their own, the pumpkins on cake platters, candy dishes and candle holders, put the cloche on a stand to get it up higher, the nest on branches with the white pumpkin and candle...and pulled it all in from the edges. (I should have taken a pic of the way it looked before! :/ )

Asymmetrical and unbalanced groupings looked so much better than how I just kind of had everything all fanned out on the table's radius. So much more interest given to everyday objects! I'm thinking that's what they meant... ;)

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I love that piece of art above the couch!


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