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Thanks, Gina, for communicating with me on this obsessive subject. Promised myself I'd not write any more in the "technical/scientific" vein here...not the proper forum, but cannot deny that I would not enjoy some 'meaty' colour discussion.Can't say that I've worked much with did not suit what I was trying to do...but I did enjoy the texture. At present I am obsessing with pigments...the paint manufacturers keep substituting the good ones with inferior ones so the effects are different. As soon as you get a mixing formula as close to perfect as possible....there, they go and eliminate the very pigment that does the job.... on the basis that its toxic. Can't win in Australia but have searched for and found some good imported paints. Beginning to think that I'll buy the pigments and make my own paints...others are doing it.

When I read what I find to be colour nonsense I make notes. Have been tempted to hatch an evil plan under a pseudonom...produce an atractively presented and articulately written colour mixing guide with all the nonsense in it...see if there are any takers!

I hope you are still enjoying color, Gina.

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I do love the fun and 'aliveness' of mixing tertiary colours (that magenta could be the exception!). BUT I find that my eyes or my mood (or something) tires of that look much more quickly than it does of natural colours - I find I am more constantly changing and 'updating' - to suit the weather, or my clothes, or something. So after three years and several incarnations in this spare room, it will this year return to 'natural'.

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wonderful ideas! great photos, thanks Anne


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