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Julie Hock
I have bamboo flooring throughout my flat - was so glad to get rid of the old carpet. I am very happy with it, I like the colour I chose, and maintenance is not difficult. I use an Oats mop with a squirty bottle on it which I fill with hot water and some metholated spirits.
I also have rugs over it in the living room, and a floor runner in the hallway and beside the bed.
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Jo M

we used bamboo floor in the extension of our old house. The only thing I didn't like was that it had 'plastic' look to the surface of it (the coating of the bamboo I guess), which you don't get with real timber solid boards.

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I love my bamboo floors so much that I have repeated them in a second house, but this time through the entire house, not just living areas. I have used strand woven and love the golden colour, which adds life to the rooms. The only down side is that the surface coating has discoloured slightly over time, accentuating the grain. While this still looks lovely, it contrasts to patches where furniture has been in place that remain a paler tone.


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