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Can't believe the article doesn't include cork - soft underfoot, things bounce, quiet, warm in winter, cool in summer, hardwearing and minimal maintenance. We've had our cork through kitchen meals, family and passages for over thirty years and have only resurfaced it once - though it needs it again! Great for kids play with cars, Lego etc. Only downside for us was fading under a large north facing window. We laid it ourselves and it was very economical. Agree with olldroo - quality and good design outlive fads. White tiles - urgh.

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This was a great article and everyone’s comments are also useful. We are moving into a small town house -70 sqm total. It’s been purchased off a plan, currently being built in Wellington. I’m hoping we can ask the developer to swap out the planned wool carpet / vinyl in the downstairs living / kitchen area for either laminate or engineered wood floors (with us paying the extra if necessary). The kitchen will have a dishwasher and washing machine. I would appreciate advice about products based on your experiences. I’m nervous about water on floors if a machine malfunctions and also want to avoid scratches from chairs etc. Bouncing boards is something I hadn’t thought about! Also, any thoughts about walking on these products in winter? Thanks, Mattie
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@ Mattie,

The only thing I would suggest and in fact I think should be incorporated in every new build, is floor drains in the bathroom, laundry and kitchen but I expect it's too late for you if you are moving in??

We have installed them just in case the dish washer for example was to spring a leak or the bath overflowed or washing machine burst a hose.

Most floors, even wooden floors can take a bit of water but not a flooding and if you were super concerned perhaps stick to tiles or polished concrete??

As for scratching timber floors with furniture, there are all manner of stick on felt pads that can be stuck onto chair legs etc... to stop scratching as well as reduce noice when a chair is moved not to mention these pads help the chairs move more freely.


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