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Jilly Possum

My antique box TV died only a couple of weeks ago, so I took myself into Harvey Norman the other day to check out the modern-fangled ones. I'm a reduce-reuse-recycle kinda gal, hence my persistence with a TV
which predates the wide-screen format, so I'm looking forward to a new
TV which allows me to see what's happening on the left and right of the
program I'm watching:)

I live in the bush and get my internet via ADSL, the modem for which is on the opposite side of the house to where I've had my TV to date. I do have a set-top box, but it only gives me access to the ABC and SBS. Given my limited time for watching TV, this has always been sufficient for me.

The salesperson assured me that smart TVs are the way to go, although not-smart ones are available. She also assured me that my modem was only connected to my computer by cable for convenience, not necessity, and that I could almost certainly use it for wifi. This would mean that I could put a smart TV in the dedicated TV-spot. When I mentioned that's where the aerial has been installed, she was dismissive, as aerials are only useful for free-to-air TV. But I'm happy with that! Am I the only person left in Australia who is?

Anyway, it turns out that I was right in thinking that my ADSL modem does not produce wifi. I don't want to go with wifi for health reasons (maybe EMFs affect my chronic fatigue, maybe they don't, but I'm erring on the side of caution), so I guess I need to get a whacking long cable to connect the TV to the modem, and drape it through the house. Or confine my TV viewing to iview (which I access in my office, rather blurring the lines between work and play, which is not good, in my view).

After reading this article, with all its warnings of rapid obsolescence of technology, I feel rather sad to be saying goodbye to my 25-year-old trooper of a TV. I figure that I need to be spending the absolute minimum I can on its replacement, because nothing I buy now will ever get that kind of lifespan ever again.


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