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Great article! I received two wonderful pieces of advice when recently redoing my kitchen. My daughter minded me that I was designing my kitchen for me--not for whoever lives in my house years from now. And, my contractor/son-in-law suggested hanging my upper cabinets two inches higher than what's usually done to better accommodate the small appliances (coffee maker, KithcenAid mixer, bread machine) that I use all the time. I am so glad I took his advice! Even though I'm not a tall person, I have no trouble reaching into the cabinets.
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Karlyne Landrum
Good poin, blerdmannt! I suppose it's a good idea to pay a bit of attention to future sale-ability, but, after all, you're the one living in your kitchen!
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rhondajk - they are the kind of doors you see on TV cabinets in hotels. I don't know if you can get it big enough for a laundry area

Hardware available from Rockler:

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