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First of all, kudos to the builders for making a green, energy efficient home. That being said, I have just a couple of issues, first and foremost is the windows, do ANY of them open? All this talk about air quality inside just made me think, "Just open a window!" FRESH AIR...Perhaps they do open, but I can't see how they would. Also the toilet in the powder room with the sink in the tank, must one straddle the toilet to wash ones hands? Standing next to it doesn't look to be very comfortable or even possible...and is there a towel to wipe one's hands dry? I don't see one, I don't see any toilet paper or even a holder for it here either. Is it a bidet toilet? The last thing are those huge support beams in the kitchen, can't say I'm a fan, I would be whacking my head on those all the time I know it. I really wanted to like this place, but I just don't. But then again I don't have to live here so it really doesn't matter what I think, does it? LOL

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larz larz

Do copper light switches seem like a bad idea to anyone else? It's like...THE best conductor of electricity. Am I missing something??

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Really interesting read the comments and hear the views on the house. We got talking to Kit and the Ecospheric team around September/October 18 and went to visit the house after looking for property in the area and spotting it when viewing a place a few doors down. We knew that our next move was a considered one and in recent years, our impact on our surroundings and a focus on our health had become more and more important.

We met with Kit and his team several times over the next months and went on a journey ourselves - understanding (as best you can) the process of the build, mapping out the what’s and ifs and really thinking about how we wanted to live going forward without compromising our lifestyles.

Anyway, fast forward 6 months and its our home. We’re about 6 weeks in and it’s safe to say we love it. We’re slowly putting our stamp on it whilst being careful to ensure the concept and live as the house intended. We haven’t started the garden yet though!

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