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I have a Neff steam-only oven. I love it. I cook all our veges and rice in it (just as good as a rice cooker). Also great for fish, chicken, risottos etc. I also have a convection oven that I barely use, and roast in the weber q.

Cleaning the steam oven is easy, it’s only ever condensation, so just a wipe out.

There are not many resources around in terms of recipes yet, but Emily Rhodes Facebook page is fantastic.

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I’ve had a VZug combi-steam oven for 4 years now and I loved it soooo much that I took it with me to my new house. I am so surprised one of your readers said they are hard to clean - as I find they are the easiest of ALL ovens to keep clean, once a week or fortnight all I do is turn the oven on for 30 minutes on steam, wait 10 mins for it to be cool enough for me to wipe it out with some paper towels, occasionally I may have to run the steam twice but either way it only takes 5 - 10 mins to wipe it clean as the steam loosens any grease or splatter in the oven. If I’ve cooked something with lots of splatter I usually ‘steam’ the oven that same day/night and the cleaning is done in 15 minutes. I never, ever have to use chemicals in my oven - any stubbon marks I clean with a white Magic sponge, which I also use on the oven racks if need be. Since owning my combi-steam oven I use it for 90% of my cooking and once again I was surprised to read the author of the article saying it was a ‘hassle’ to have to keep refilling the water tank - this has happened to me only occasionaly during cooking as I always check to make sure my water tank is full before cooking - filling the water tray is so easy and uncomplicated that it’s a non issue. My VZug combi-steam oven cost $6000 and along with my Thermomix they are among the best investments I’ve made for my health, freeing up my time and efficiency. A combi-steam oven is a dream for people who love to cook and a God-send for people who don’t like cooking or have little time or inclination to cook as they are so easy to use, every bit of food you put in these ovens taste beautiful and if you learn how to utilise them even at only 50% (VZug combi-steam ovens are very easy to learn to use) they save you sooo much time when cooking and they have literally changed my life - seriously I no longer slave over a hot stove.
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We have a Thermador- in use for 5 Years. Love it!


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