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Sandy Rubinfeld

Good topic. But… I have a very green thumb. I have tried maidenhair fern three times, in the bathroom (because I know they love humidity) and each time had to give up. I tried so many times, because it is such a beautiful, lacy plant. BUT it certainly is not an easy plant to grow indoors! Most people will get very frustrated if they try to grow this plant indoors.

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Sayra L.
Many plants are poisonous to pets. Choose carefully.
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Well my orchids have finally finished blooming, so I was trying to work out what I could put in their place whilst they are resting in another area. I have decided to simply leave my driftwood/airplant display alone in the main bathroom but then there is the en suite and a small shelf in the toilet.

So whilst in Bunnings the other day, I walked past the pond plants and instantly I thought, what better plants in the bathroom but plants that literally live in water and I wanted something very small and found this pretty little plant called Lysimachia which is a marginal plant. It is a pretty light green and in the warmer months, it has
masses of bright yellow flowers and as I have it sitting at height, it
will naturally weep down towards the floor, so it could end up being
spectacular, mind you it might not flower indoors but for under $10 and I
split it in two, it was a no brainer to give it a go.

I put both plants into a 10cm pot, a black one for the toilet together with black stone mulch and did a white version for the en suite with white stone and simply filled the little pots with water, I'm so interested to see how they go!!


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