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Tribbletrouble44152k7 Trek

Mydesignobsession, many traditional vintage and antique small couches and armchairs have smaller footprints and high backs, are better made and cheaper than their modern $ equivalents. 1970s livingroom suites can have narrow arms, good construction with springs, and seat a crowd. The 1970s are back in fashion. IMO, that's because quality MCM got too expensive.

Late 19 th c seating is very well made and indestructible, if you look for grandfather chairs, they have narrow arms, and the fancy backs add character to a room. They are so cheap for the quality. Usually they are on wheels, which is handy.

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You're right Trek, I'll have a look for some original pieces, I've only looked online at what the shops are offering. They're attractive but new construction and of lesser quality.

At least I have an original 1961 dining suite. I still remember how excited my Mother was when it was delivered. It's been in continuous use ever since in one way or another. My daughter is using it currently and I plan to reclaim it, without guilt, she'll get it in the end. The upholstery still looks like new despite it's age and I plan to have the suite freshened up but not altered in any way. I look forward to seeing it reinstated as the primary dining suite after all these years. You can't beat the originals.

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