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Why are there no products covered like alumina silicate covered as candidates for shower floors--they create an impervious seal for floor/curb without grout and have many color and finish options.

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Low maintenance is key! Concrete shower floor sealed and tiled wall boards that go up to ten feet that are germ and mold resistant and look like stone tiled w grout. Resealing and regrouting a well used shower every 6 months gets old fast!

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Anyone who is interested in a concrete shower floor, might want to read this easy to understand article. Preparation is the key along with the correct sealer as well as making the concrete slip resistant. Some folks do their entire shower in concrete. My bath floor, in fact my entire house's floor is patterned concrete. Has held up very well over these past 23 years. My shower floor is the small tile, but the grout isn't the typical cement based grout which isn't waterproof and can grow mold and stain.

There are newer sealants on the market better than the cement based grout.

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