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Louise Newport

Take kettle to stove top to add water to pots

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Louise Newport, in our house, that would be several trips!
I see your point but we have 5 children 2 adults at a bare minimum. So heavy lifting with stock pots etc, definitely a good idea to add a tap alongside the cooktop for us!
However we put our large double sink with large drainer along the same bench top as the cooktop. So not too far to carry the heavy stuff, with the kettle at the other end. I suppose definitely work to your circumstances and budget. We are a big family in construction so some things are easier to add in without too much added expense.

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The practicality of a pot filler is lost on me. In larger houses the pipe leading to it is all too often filled with stale unused water. Sometimes I see friends with pot fillers emptying multiple vessels of water in their sink before they can get the good water. I would certainly plan the pot filler as a short branch between the main sink and the central supply to ensure continuous flushing of the line.


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