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Clara Serey
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The only problem with galley kitchens is 'kitchen congregations'. our space is only 1200mm wide and as people arrive and do not leave the space becomes quite intimate and the noise levels escalate. Love the company, love the cooking chaos and love the end dining result but I am not sure about other people living with this amount of anarchy.

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I am trying to redesign my small kitchen. I would like to move the fridge from it's current location facing a hallway (where there is plenty of space in front of it). I would like to put it opposite at the other end of the kitchen so that it is not imposing on the living area or blocking light from the kitchen window. I could not reduce my fridge size to a bar fridge. The only layout I can come up with requires cabinets opposite the fridge which will leave only 80 cm walkway. Is this a deal breaker? Do I have to keep my fridge in it's current location?


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