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Great island, Little Gem. We have a large island with space for two ajustable seats ( great for grandkids for all sorts of activities) ) which we can also use at our dining table located in the same space. Best use of our space as a U layout would have taken up more space but less storage and counter space. No sink in the island. Drawers on one side and shallow cupboards on the bar side for large dishes and other items etc, not regularly used. (Similar to Little Gem's). We love the space and because we have enough storage, it is mostly just a spot for a large fruit bowl. Easier for retired folk! We have a deep drawer for breakfast items located near the toaster and kettle which are housed in a counter cupboard, (still waiting for a roller door). And a shallow pantry cupboard ( deep just doesn't work! ) nearby but out of the work area. This was a compromise but works fine. Final comment. Our original kitchen was replaced in part because the height of the counters was too low causing backaches! Kitchen tables cause the same problem if they are designated as a work area.

I stared looking at this because we are about to sort out our small separate living room! Lots of great ideas!

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I went with this design for my small room

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deborah eade

janedale, agree with you. I was looking for images of living rooms without a sofa since in practice people don't sit in a row and it's much easier to curl up with a book or watch a film in a comfy armchair - which is also so much more flexible than a big piece of furniture. Suspect we are in a tiny minority here!


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