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Slobbo's criteria is good. Having just renovated my sister's ensuite, I went for an in-wall concealed TECE brand cistern with a back to wall, floor mounted, concealed S-trap Genesi pan from Beaumont Tiles, Adelaide (see their website). The main reason being, less cleaning to do. However, the Genesi pan is not perfect...the seat is hard edged & "skiddies" are an issue.

The cistern was installed in a new stud wall, the other side being the entrance to a WIR. This was just in case some major calamity happened then it could be sorted in the WIR and would not require any damage to tiles in the ensuite. If the wall cavity space is an issue and the cistern can not be put into the wall for some reason (brick?), these in-wall cisterns can be mounted in the ceiling if you have space up there instead.

Check that the cistern has a relatively quiet flush & refill too.

The TECE cistern has a choice of button plates and IF there is a malfunction, all parts can be repaired & retrieved thru the in-wall button plate. Beaumont Tiles Adelaide have a demonstration model in their showroom for the non-believers.

The reason I went for the floor mounted pan was the weight on the stud wall and suitable fixing points. This would not be an issue if you design the stud wall correctly or have a cavity brick wall. The installation specs for mounting any in-wall cisterns or wall mounted pans can generally be found on the manufacturer's website so you can check beforehand how to best mount them.

Height: a wall mounted pan can be mounted at your preferred height and makes cleaning the floor around the toilet a breeze. Caroma now do a floor mounted pan that has a higher seat profile. The seat needs to be at least 400-500mm from the floor. Measure the height of your current seat before you go shopping for a pan and take a tape measure with you.

Pan design: Reece P/L (Greenacres store) offered the best advice here. One of their pans had a larger drop zone and shorter "runway" which reduced "skiddies" unlike most European pans with small, back of the pan drop zones; hence skiddies. I should have listened to their advice and chosen the pan they recommended! Alternatively, some pans have a pool of water as the drop-zone which lessens the dreaded skid.

Seats: Actually sit on ALL the pans in a showroom as you will find some seats are too low, very hard on your cheeks/butt or the seat shape is rectangular, square-edged and uncomfortable. Check the under seat design. Most have too many angles and "feet" designs to clean around. Try to find a comfortable seat with the least under-seat obstacles to clean around.
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I went to Cass Bros in Petersham (NSW) and was told that the floor mounted pan was best for hidden cisterns, as it reduces cost due to the steel framework needed for a wall hung pan.

Also that Geberit was the best hidden cistern system by a long shot.

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Would lie some retail input. Who thinks they sell the 'perfect' toilet?
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