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William Larsen

This article isn't very insightful. It's very generic without any true "insights". Please improve this article because it ranks high is search results for "tips for working with an architect"

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Mitchell Davis

Anyone open to offering some advice?

We have been working with our architect who has not provided us with any designs within our budget and has completed construction documents for a design $100K over our budget. Even though he jumped the gun without knowing what potential construction costs would be he is now asking us to pay for another design within our budget and another set of construction documents. We are $10K in with him and don't know what to do. We feel this is his mistake and we shouldn't have to pay double. Anyone have any suggestions on how we should proceed?

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Erin Camarse
Can you create and discuss a house plan with an architect for future use? I want to create a plan for my house renovation but I dont have money for it yet and I want to prepare for it. My house has a floor area of 82 sq meter and i want to turn it to a spacious three floor house.

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