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G-LUX Builders
Great article!
Having a healthy environment in your home is not only better for your health but more comfortable in just everyday living.
If your looking at building a new home and this is important to your family you should definitely consider building a “Passive House”. One of the 5 core elements of a Passive House is a Heat Recovery Ventilation System. This system recovers heat from human bodies, appliances & lights and combines fresh filtered air from the outside and is circulated around the home 24/7. This making the homes air quality outstanding every minute of the day.
Passive House has a range of other benefits, if you would like to know more about building a Passive House please visit our page :
G-Lux Builders
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The things listed here barely scratch the surface of the number of issues surrounding indoor air quality. This years HOMEChem experiment in Austin, Texas should help to start provide a better understanding of the massive impact of our indoor lifestyle on our health, particularly for the young and elderly due to the chemistry of how we live and the materials in our homes as a lot of it has a cumulative effect.


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