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Chris Lanthois

I have a big north facing window in my kitchen in Adelaide (South Australia) and I have had great success in growing these over the last 12 months with repeat flowering. I think good lighting is essential. I have not fertilised yet but sounds like I should. Occasionally I mist spray the roots instead of watering. Adelaide has super hot summers and cold winters so the north facing window is perfect to keep them warm through our cold winter and the sun is higher in the summer so they don't burn through the window light. I cheated during the off season and put 2 artificial white moth flowers in the pot which no one noticed so I had flowers all year :)

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Sam Cox

Fantastic information. In this day and age with oceans choking on plastic debris, that will never biodegrade, I'd implore you to please skip the polystyrene in the repotting mix, too easy, especially with this type of use, for it to end up in the waterways.

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HELP! Mine flowered then after I sniped off the spike back to just above the point it would regrow, the entire spike died.The plant is alive,doing okay I water or mist it regularly and it is growing healthy air roots.However no flower spike. What can I do to encourage it to flower?

Should I just give up as others suggest and reinvest in a younger spunkier brother?


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