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Daniel Tyrrell Landscapes

Cant wait for summer to get out in my own garden, good collection of pics

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Aileen Murfitt
Within months of buying our home we had to cope with the frustration of Sheoaks planted over water pipes and utility wires. The root systems completely crushed and engulfed a section of the retic supply pipes and came close to crushing the pipes supplying the house water tank. While removing the offending trees we also discovered the electricity and telephone cables were trapped in the root systems. It pays to think carefully when planting large trees.

However as a result of loosing the trees and with an interest in sustainability and recycling we have been able to retain the slopes left bare when the trees came down with tyres planted in native shrubs which has been incredibly succesful .... and we have a mining dump truck rim for our fire pit which is not just for standing around on cool evenings but also burns prunings and dead branches. No issues with neighbour complaining out our way.
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Would love to see some photos


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