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The only real way to go for a new home, but why does everyone look at heat pumps and boilers that heat the water to 70+ degrees when you only want a system that will run at 24-30 degrees... why are lower temp heating options not more widely available?

Also one of the cons in the story is that it can only heat, has anyone ever heard of an absorption chiller, surely this is an option to cool the slab in the warmer months and to extend the usage time of the system and reduce the overall payback time.

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You can only cool the slab to the dew point. Any lower & condensation will form. So not good for humid environments. May only be a degree or two before the dew point is reached.
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@ddaroch, that is not correct, the heat pumps are fitted with dew point monitors which ensure the water temp stays above dew point. More info:


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