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Plan-it Earth Design
Community is so important now more than ever as we are so polarized in our opinions and politics in America. We need to find common ground and old fashioned civility. Reaching out to our neighbors and communicating with one another is an important first step.

Block parties, neighborhood watch and alerts, more front yard public spaces for gathering and just stopping for a minute to smile and say hello and to learn something personal about our neighbors, working together to overcome tough weed challenges on property lines are all great ways to come together on common problems and support one another.

Thanks for bringing up this important topic.
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When we moved in to our new neighbourhood we decided to have a garage sale of excess stuff here instead of at the old house. Lots of neighbours came along and chatted, and one neighbour told me she knew this was a safe place to come (turns out she's a single mum with 5 teenagers). When hubby built the front fence some weeks later, some came to help. He was observed by refugee neighbours who then asked him to help extend their driveway and they now pop in from time to time to swap plants and laugh and giggle through a 'conversation'. We feel part of the community more because we smile and wave at one another, something that others apparently didn't do before. It's definitely worth it.

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Tanya Waterman

Great article, thank you. I moved to a little seaside community two years ago; I knew nobody. I went out of my way to say hello to strangers while walking my dog (a great way to meet people). Since then I've made many friends and late last year three of us set up a street library which has been a huge success. But beware of the damage mean-spirited people can do; a friend had a pretty hand-painted bowl (for dog water) stolen at Easter time, and the local community garden had all its sprinklers pinched.


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