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Your cat was lucky to have you Wuff, a vet told me few bother with the anti venom as it's so expensive, requires multiple doses and doesn't always work.

I have some interesting/entertaining/amusing (with hindsight) stories about my snake encounters. Not as interesting as my encounters with salties however. And I'm a city gal believe it or not, I just took some time to experience life less seen. I've travelled a lot but really experiencing the raw beauty of our Aussie outback was the standout highlight of my life thus far.

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Bellacatandme, - the story was cat was my daughters, she had been having a hard time at school, it was Christmas Eve when I found the to the vet .. Husband hears the quote..nope he says..I just said quietly .. You tell her..little tears rolling down her sweet little cheeks onto the ginger fluff..anyway the cat got the anti venom and the Christmas Eve call out fee..oh the Joys, he was a very nice cat though. I too have had many snake encounters, but I must say no salties, thank goodness but plenty of the Johnson crocs as have lived in the Kimberly but those fresh water all but harmless and less you tread on one.. I would be terrified if I saw a salty any where but from a very high vantage point. Just like a shark, other than the reef sharks but I still get scared when I see them and leave the water

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