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Thanks Pazz. Yes its all a bit sad really isn't it that this is the way things go with imports. If I had seen it on CA I probably would have laughed it off as an exaggeration, but having experienced it well it's really bad and we were just lucky our dogs or kids were not next to it when it happened. Buyer beware!
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Nicole Tottle
We are in the process of getting quotes for our bathroom Reno. Just a question, does having a single panel of glass for the shower mean that you will forever be mopping the floor outside the shower? Also, does anyone know where I can source a traditional style vanity that actually is practical (with drawers)? Many thanks !
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Hi Nicole, the rental we're in at the moment has a glass shower screen and door and water still gets out through the gap between the panel and door... notably not as much as if there were no door, but the only way to get around this is to have some sort of rubber seal in between, but then it's no longer a frameless shower screen... the amount of water that gets out will depend on the size/width of the panel, the positioning of the shower head from the opening and the sized of the opening... most internal doors standard sizes range from 720-820 wide, so I think a 'door-less' opening of 700 should suffice and we've positioned the shower head on the far wall behind the glass panel which is 1100 wide to limit the amount of water getting out... our floor tiles will also continue into the shower area as we wanted a seamless floor/walk in shower, which I personally think will also be easier to clean (*note to seal/waterproof beyond shower area if doing that)... worst case the bath mat will get wet, but then just hang them to dry just like you would your towels... either way it's a case of personal preference and depends on the overall look you're after... I'd prefer to put up with a bit of water spillage than with more nooks and crannies to clean

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