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Finally, Russian designers brought their interiors to 21st Century. Very impressive, I especially love the entrance area! Great apartment, head to toe.
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Although it’s nice, and Russian designers certainly know how to create nice spaces in the 21st century(to the person below), I sense the designers in this article have a bit of an inferior complex and are having a hard time finding their identity. Although it’s normal to feel inspiration from one another, some of the comments denote something beyond that.

Russia has a long history of beautiful and unique art and culture, and as someone learning Russian, it kills me to see this trend amongst a substantial amount of the designers and architects in feeling the need to mention that they are doing something in “Scandinavian style” or “European style” and just brushing off having a unique and local identity - a notion of anything Russian being “inferior”. Melnikov must be shaking in his grave when he hears such rhetoric or sees developers build something that is supposed to be like *insert another city or country here*.

I say this with all respect and not trying to be offensive. On the contrary, I still see a lot of uniqueness and I hope those people are heard and their ideas exalted. I hope the people who doubt their identity learn to respect their local identity, and evolve it, which can work cohesively along with having some inspiration from around the world too.
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alba Hastings

Can't put a finger on it but something just doesn't feel right! Perhaps "katiriag" has the gist of it but though there seems to be many lovely ideas they somehow don't invite me in to stay. Is it too many contrasts ? Or not enough? As I said...I'm not sure why.


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