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home lover
We don't have a water supply to our property and in the 9 years we have lived there we have never run out. Our 100 square meter home and 6x6 shed catch all our water enough for a family of 4. It's great knowing that we are self sufficient! No bills too! And our water tastes wonderful. We are careful though and catch water in a bucket before the shower gets hot etc. now I just need a tesla battery and to go off grid! Can't wait!
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Hi olldroo,

It doesn't take long to get used to reduced water flow. I have 6 litre taps and 7.5 & 9 litre per min showers and a front loader washing machine which is also efficient. Re the toilet bowls, those pellets are full of nasty chemicals including bleach that kill microbes in soil and septic tanks and harm wildlife and plants in waterways and wherever your sewerage ends up. Surely cleaning the toilet bowl is a first world problem and you can spend an extra 1 minute per week on this task?

I'm not sure what you're doing with your toilets but having to flush 3 or 4 times is not normal. We have 3/4.5 litre flush toilets and never have a problem with one flush or having dirty bowls - no different to the previous toilets. Sometimes the cause of this is the flushometer (the device that flushes) and the shape of the bowl. If they don't work well then they will require more than one flush on occasion.

To prevent sudsing with your basin and sink, fill the water first then add detergent at the end - simple remedy.

Water saving washing machines are designed especially to work with less water. They are usually front loaders which have a much better cleaning action using less water than top loaders. They rinse well through two rinse cycles. There are only one or two top loaders on the market that have an agitator that can clean as well with less water. If you use detergents that don't contain perfumes or fillers then sensitive skins won't have a problem. If I use a market leading detergent in any washing machine I start getting itchy skin, but using something that is eco-friendly I have no problems. Ecover, Eco Store, Earth Choice are all options available at the supermarket, but there are others available through specialty stores, such as Tri Nature, that are as good or better and don't harm the environment, don;t cause skin reactions and don't create suds in the machine.

White vinegar as a fabric softener and a rinse aid the the dishwasher make sure there is no mould or gunk in the dispensers and leave your clothes and dishes as clean and no need to clean filters as often either.

I stayed at a house with normal old style shower heads once a while ago (they flow at anywhere between 15 and 22 litres per minute) and felt so guilty about the water use. I ended up turning the taps down so the pressure wasn't as strong. You really don't need it unless you have lots of thick long hair you need to rinse. If the energy and water savings generated from a low flow shower are replicated through every house in the country, the savings are of phenomenal proportions. Not too much to ask to save our planet!

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Romney - I'm really at a loss with the toilet, it takes a lot of cleaning DAILY it is not a question of an extra minute or two weekly, nor it is a vanity First World thing it looks plain ugly, unkempt and I'm concerned from a hygiene aspect. I'm finding lemon juice seems to be the best cleaner but have to wonder if over time this will not be detrimental to the porcelain. I've no idea how many litres of water are in the tank but it does flush very quickly so maybe that is the problem as well as the lack of any pressure.

Won't be a problem for much longer as I'm moving to an area that has a much stronger water pressure than I have here anyway, plus I'll have ground water for the toilet and garden.


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