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Ruth BT
@annab1997, @wuff, @messmate, I feel your pain. I do all the financial transactions in our home and regardless of what I tell the bank, they still ring my husband first or address everything to him. Most recently an investment loan was gotten and even though I am the first applicant and I earn more than him, the banks insisted on putting his name first on everything. They tried to tell me that it was my brokers fault but we could prove that their system was programmed to list a male first. A sternly worded letter citing discrimination and exposure of their bias saw the names reversed. I know I was a PITA but someone had to point it out!
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When a company asks where my partner (MALE) is I just ask "where is the door?" and take my business elsewhere. When they are that dated in their thinking they are just too primitive for me to deal with.

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I think it is all relative - in the 70s and 80s, I lived in shared housing in the eastern states and we were all either studying, apprenticing, and working at low paid jobs. Move to the west and met my husband, and we travelled a bit, and finally worked out that housing was cheaper away from the city, so that is what we did. To each his or her own. We have two houses now, one is a rebuild currently being worked on, but the power bills are one in my husband's name and one in mine. I do think the gender bias is a big laugh that will keep going on, but don't stop pushing girls. Its the only way.


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