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This article is very timely for me. I have been mulling over what to do to our paling fence. We planted callistemons in front, thinking they would hide the fence, but we have ended up with a pleached effect - the green is above fence height and we have (in our case) unattractive trunks against the fence. To make the situation more complicated, our fence and trees are on top of a 75 cm retaining wall with the garden bed only being 30-40 cm wide. We have thought about painting, adding bamboo screening. We look onto the fence from our outdoor living area and would love some thoughts.
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Sam Taylor

I really like simple solutions as fence toppers
are. You are able
to maintain privacy whilst displaying a decorative layer on the top.
A topper is a designed piece that slots directly onto the top of your fence. It doesn’t matter what type of fence
that you’ve decided to move forward with, they are universal. Also, you can just
take your fence topper with you to the next home when you are moving. Read more


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