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Oh yes, I'm a convert too! We bought our Melbourne home 5 years ago after many stressful years when we rented horrible places. Our garden that we've created from scratch has given us such joy and thanks to a glut of hydrangeas at our local supermarkets about 3 years ago, hydrangeas feature beautifully. They're now happily growing along with a profusion of other shrubs and ground cover. Here they're pictured last Christmas Eve with fairy lights. The hydrangeas seem quite symbolic of the new life we've created in this home.
And in reference to one of the other comments I've included a picture I took at Cataract Gorge in Launceston in January - complete with peacock
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Nicola VanGrinsven

do they grow in queensland or is it just too hot for them

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Nicola VanGrinsven -In SE Qld (South Brisbane) I grow mine in a large pot on an east facing patio. They need to be shaded or the leaves burn. West facing would be too hot even in the shade. They prefer to be in the ground than in pots.


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