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Brian White
Maybe as a reaction to my current white kitchen cupboards, I’m loving every one of these with black or dark navy moody tones - especially when teamed with natural timber to warm it up.
No.28 on the other hand - black cabinets AND black walls just seem a little too oppressive and funereal ( although perhaps with the addition of an open casket in the centre of the room it may all make a little more sense...).
Note : count how many feature subway tiles! Although I like them, I’m now kinda left wondering what we did before they were de rigueur and how long the trend will last...
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Thank you so much Deirdre. This stroll throughout the world of beautiful kitchens was just heaven they are all gorgeous. I want a little bit of all 50 of them.

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Knackers_p_t Steding Joinery do kitchens like the beautiful UK examples:

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