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Thank you for your response. At least now I have two other options to consider that will give me a full bench without "seeing" the join. Many thanks again.

Allan Andrews

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We researched this product and have seen it on a friend's bench where it does look and feel very nice. While the product is definitely hard wearing it is not impact resistant and can crack much like a porcelain tile. This is also a possibility with other products. For us, with the porcelain coming in at $5000 over and above our other choices, we looked again for our kitchen. We were told that black and dark colours in engineered stone show scratches very easily and after being shown some honed granite in black that is what we chose. It feels lovely, is not overly shiny and looks wonderful with our polished concrete floor. I do love the heat resistance and scratch resistance of the porcelain though.

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Diamonty Constructions Pty Ltd

What about dropping a cup on a bench - have broken a porcelain sink with a 'keep' cup doing this?


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