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I've read comments from people who said they bring their little kids in the shower with them, but I don't think that's common. As far as I am aware, most people bathe their small children in a tub. In addition, while I'm not fond of baths myself, some older people like to soak, especially if they have arthritis or conditions that affect their muscles. Also, in some cultures it is traditional to bathe. Finally, post surgery you may have to bathe to make sure the wound doesn't get wet.

Bottom line: If I had 2 bathrooms, I'd have one with a tub and one without.

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I agree with goodewyfe we took the bath out of our children's bathroom now that they are gone and we've just finished our ensuite reno we took out the big spa bath and replaced it with a small D shape bath for grand children and in case we need baths for our muscles etc. It gave us lots of space and we still have one bath in the house.

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TLC Boilers & Bathrooms

As a bathroom installer I know that the least amount of pipework that you have to install/relocate the more money the customer saves. Check out this multifunctional bath tap/rainwater shower/handheld shower I recently installed. 3-in-1 with only 2 pipes to install.


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