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Storewall Australia

Agree with above in having the appliances at better heights. I also curious as to how many people use multiple hampers to pre-sort clothes and how many use just the one and pre-sort prior to washing.

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Daz in Taz

My laundry had the front loader washer on TOP of the bench so I wouldn’t have to bend so much, and the washing basket was below it. I thought I was a bona fide genius innovator for insisting on that, but I’ve since seen it done in American laundries so I guess there really are no new ideas!

The only sorting I ever do of clothes is drip-dry vs tumble dry, because I’m lazy-efficient and don’t like to go back and forth if I don’t have to. I never sort colours. It’s really not needed on a cold or cool (30C) wash.

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Amanda Irving

I also agree with the ergonomic comment. When I remodelled the kitchen extension some years ago, I put my dishwasher at this height with the pot drawer underneath; everybody appreciated unpacking the dishwasher as a chore. It was really easy to work with. To do this I had to sacrifice that area where a wall oven would normally go. However I’m really happy with an under bench oven, as with three children I am more often at the dishwasher!


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