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Oh Maudiej, that's the best comment ever, I actually laughed out loud!
Next time my hubby is driving me mental with his snoring/talking/doona tugging, I'll remember you and tell myself "plenty of time for solo when you're dead"!!! You've made my day! Lol
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Jo Martin

The diversity of couples is amazing. I like a light airy room, he likes a dark dungeon. I like door open and natural air, he likes a cave with aircon set at 18-20 permanently.. I had to buy a comforter as I was getting cramps every night. Some nights he snores, some nights he doesn't. He has 6 pillows in the bed with us so he has comfort all around, yet when I complained he had a divider between us, he was offended. I am a hot bod, he pushes me away, yet looks for my warmth during the night from the arctic of the aircon.. but we love our cuddles every night. Flip side when he is away I love it lol... the "plenty of time for solo when your dead" says it all. I actually have a spare room that we can use so we each have a room but again he would think our relationship was in trouble.. Happy medium people..

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Double D

Separate rooms is great for me.... I love it, my husband goes to bed early and gets up very early,so I have my own room, I like to read in bed till quite late, and love my feminine linen and beautiful smelling candles.


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