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Central Glass and Aluminium
Unfortunately energy efficiency in our homes particular relating to windows still has a long way to go in Australia.

UPVC was very negatively received early on its introduction to Australia because the material broke down under our harsh weather conditions, the test will be with this type of product in 10-20 years time as to how it performs - the long term data is yet to be viewed because the new format of the product hasn't been around in Australia for this period of time - yet

Good quality aluminium or timber windows will still be around and performing well in to the future

Double glazed aluminium windows have also come along way - DID YOU KNOW the best windows you can get for thermal and acoustic performance is awning windows (push out or casements) - because they close on to themselves, minimizing the air gaps where heat can escape or cold can get in

You can also swap out your glass and install double glazed IGU units in to your existing frames, without having to change your frames - we do it at a fraction of the cost of ripping out the whole window and door units and starting again

As energy rating stars become more and more important in construction - let us hope that windows and doors do not continue to be the first thing that the budget is cut on
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Rebecca Naughtin Architect
Thanks for all of the feedback! Some terrific comments. I have used aluminium windows with thermal break and double glazing and the house was one of the first 7 star energy rated in Australia so there should be ways to spec up the aluminium frames.
Joanna Tovia, you ask "What kind of glass would you advise for a bay window in a 19th-Century Blue Mountains home??" Do I get a trip up there to see?? :) I'm going to use some imagination and put it down to the glass as being the key factor. Consider the UV rating, still double glazed, or triple if the location needs it, does it have an eave overhead? Timber frames in the existing structure I would imagine so look for a timber that compliments the scenery and is hardwearing. Hope that helps. Rebecca
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Flannel Flower
Great article - I learnt something. Thanks :-)

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