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Monier Roofing

Hi Lynn - call 1800 666 437 and one of our friendly staff will be able to help you with a quote.

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stuart mudd

I am looking at this as a solar solution for our new build in 2019. How are they wired up? Does each solar tile have to be wired through the roof? (That's a lot of potential leak points!). If not, are they clustered together in series and cables run along the roof line somewhere? (Not in any pictures I have seen). Does the sparky have to individually hook up to each wee 30W tile? I'm curious, but nobody tech specs anywhere in the InterWebs actually tells me HOW they're installed, other than "contractor puts on your roof. Don't worry about it", and I DO worry about it

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Is there a product that works with a corrugated steel roof?


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