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Hi, Olldroo. I've been offline for some time attending to renovations of the bod. At 75 today have some spare parts and with both eyes relieved of cataracts, I can now SEE!!! So you have ventured to the dark side in your bathroom! I think that you are very bold indeed, it sounds...mmmm...well, I've already said it - 'adventuresome'. I have shied away from being too trendy in my (nearly 100) year old cottage but was also tempted to the dark side. My stove died so I went for a side by side in goes ... BLACK enamel...which filled up the whole stove recess and have been seduced by a black matt frig. Did something I never thought I would due to past dim memories of boarding school bathrooms and put down black and white chequerboard tiles. Must say it is classy but am still adjusting to it. Time to stop the past from spoiling the decorating/renovating adventures of the now...can always change it back but isn't it always about money making us hesitate! Maybe I should consider doing the bathroom..with B&W Moorish style tiles and take a leaf out of your design manual...change the exposed plumbing to matt black...mmmm.

You are inspiring me Olldroo!

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Kathy Kalfas

Matt black looks fantastic in every setting - in the bedroom, kitchen laundry and in the bathroom. It allows you to add any other 'splash' of colour with bathroom towels, vases, flowers and so on. It looks both stylish and classy. A beautiful look all-round.

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Prena Chand

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