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Özlem Güler

A truly brave home. I cannot stop saying 'WOW'. It's great to fit in but it's greater to push the boundaries of expectation while still acknowledging the past. This design does all of that and offers more; it's actually stunning to look at and breathtaking in its execution and thoughtfulness. Changing the angles of the walls but keeping the pitched roof? Clever. Choice of materials? Clever. Well done and many happy years living to the owners. Yes, it could have been a cube building and I like that it isn't; it's more interesting and curious than that. It's actually creative. I hope it grows on the neighbourhood.

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rwalton5, yes it is build close to the boundary, IN PARTS. Other parts of the house are built FURTHER away from the boundary than are required by code.

The house is built very close to its western neighbour at the front part of the house, built below their clerestory windows. But towards the rear it's built FURTHER away from this neighbour than is required. Offering both these houses MORE space to breath out back.

While the opposite is true for the eastern neighbour. More space up front, hugging closer at the rear.

Add a central courtyard, that with some screening plants would look mainly inward.

Personally, I find this approach more appealing for both this house & the neighbours, than the uniform rectangle built 0.9m from the boundary. All this offers are cold dark houses, with windows that receive little sunshine, looking at each other.

Obviously these are very old blocks. But if you want to complain to anyone about lack of privacy & overshadowing, complain to councils. A 7.5m frontage, like this house, is ridiculously tight. Compromising both light & privacy. For old blocks, there's nothing that can be done, & I think this home has made the best of a bad situation. But for new land releases, tell councils to stop allowing new developments & subdivisions with narrow frontages, as they greatly effect a homes livability & energy efficiency.

Obviously planning rules limit what would have been allowed. But things like a basement bedroom wing (which requires less light), dug into the earth, to limit the height of the build, greatly benifit neighbours.

Add the build shape, with its pitched roof, & choice of weatherboard cladding, & you have elements that are very sympathetic to the neighbourhood.

A very well thought out build in my books.
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Жанна Одинцова


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